Sonic Robo Blast 20 Years Ago

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October 3rd

Sonic Doom by Jeff Read is released. SSNTails' seed of inspiration had just been planted.



Sonic Doom (the one above) catches the eye of SSNTails, who decides to make his own, using Jeff Read's as a base.


Johnny Wallbank (better known as Sonikku, or by his ancient nickname, Jax), is teased due to Sonic's decline at the time. He decides to prove that the Sonic francise isn't dead by making a fan-game in Kilk & Play, a tool to make games by Europress (later Clickteam).

July 4th

Sonikku announces SRB1 in a newsgroup post requesting help and offers a download for those who email him.

September 7th

Sonikku releases a new SRB1 version, after postponing it due to issues with a new sound card.


SSNTails begins work on Sonic Doom 2.


Last file modified from the latest downloadable copy of Sonic Doom by SSNTails.


February 1st, 6:17pm GMT

Sonic Robo Blast 1 is completed after being in development for 9 months.

February 11th

Sonic Robo Blast 1 is released to the aforementioned newsgroup.

February to March

SSNTails discovers SRB1. He likes the game but feels the graphics need work, so he asks Sonikku if he could update the game with better graphics (it was never completed). Sonikku gave the go-ahead but also requested that SSNTails help with the next Sonic Robo Blast entry, Sonic Robo Blast 2.

March 9th

Sonic Robo Blast 2 begins development.

April 12th

Shields are mentioned in a newsgroup post.


The TGF build of SRB2 is apparently dated around this time.


Sonic Team Junior is formed.


Sonikku hits a number of development issues with the engine being used to make SRB2 (The Games Factory), because of this, a person with the nickname "Stealth" decides to jump in and offer Sonikku a brand new engine from the ground-up. SRB2 is switched to that new engine.


Development suddenly halts after Stealth goes AWOL. SSNTails suggests restarting development once again, using Sonic Doom 2 as a base.


The latest files from the DOS build are from around this time.


A modified version of the TGF build is released, nicknamed SRB1 Christmas. It removed the boss levels and used a winter theme in all of the stages.



An early build of SRB2 is described in a newsgroup post from around this time.

September 5th

Beginning of the White Gloves Diaries.

October 31st

SRB2 Halloween v1.0 is released.

December 10th

Sonic Team Junior site moved to SSRG.

December 24th

SRB2 Christmas v0.90 is released. It is pulled quickly after released due to major bugs.


February 24th

SRB2 Christmas v0.92 is released.

March 24th

SRB2 Christmas v0.93 is released.

April 24th

SRB2 Christmas v0.94 is released.

September 11th

SRB2 Christmas v0.96 is released to winners of a competition.

SRB2 is shown at SAGE 2000, marking the first trailer for SRB2 to exist.


SRB2 Halloween v1.32 is released. It the first version of SRB2 to natively run in 32-bit.

November 10th-13th

Demo 1 is released.