Sonic Robo Blast 20 Years Ago

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Patch Notes

You said you wanted some patch notes, did you not? Here ya' go!

Demo 4.35 - March 20th, 2002

Dying in slime now makes you opaque.

Players now stay opaque in netplay.

You can drown now.

In-Game joining works now.

Life icon support added for skins.

Demo 4.34 - March 2002

Inconsistency failures regarding water have now been fixed.

Autojoin now works in netplay.

Demo 4.33 - March 2002

Knuckles can no longer climb on air, below a platform.

Rings now respawn in Multiplayer.

Lives can now be lost.

"IT" can no longer cheat the system if the host switches from Tag to Match.

Demo 4.32 - March 8th, 2002

No more crashing in hi-res mode!

Better netplay - including the ability to search for games!

Lots of additionsfor level designers, including better handling of missing textures.

OpenGL mode (See the readme on how to activate it)!

Demo 4.1 - January 6th, 2002

The Armaggedon Shield no longer crashes a netgame when it is blown up.

Rings no longer follow you after you've lost your Ring Shield.

You can now load save games at Castle Eggman.

"Safety net" to prevent snow in netgames.

Can no longer jump off death pits.

Prevented emerald radar from going insane.

Several little net and single player fixes and speed-ups.

Demo 4 - December 25th, 2001

Demo 3 - June 23rd, 2001

New frontend. This will focus on being the main menu now.

Tails' sprite is now completed. No more 'changing to Sonic'!

Ending of Techno Hill Zone 1 has been redone. The temporary stupid fan bit at the end has been removed and replaced with something far superior.

Multiplayer! Two new multiplayer modes added. See below.

'Race Mode' - Remember Sonic 2? Relive those times and run through the levels trying to grab as many rings, item boxes and points as possible!

'Tag Mode' - For those of you who tried out the 'SMATCH' mini-beta tests we held at the SRB2 parties, this will be familiar to you. Basically, tag each other using rings!

New multiplayer maps for the above modes.

A few bug fixes and level improvements (you will no longer get stuck in the lake outside the 'Crawla Pen', for example).

Rings are now spilled properly, rather than randomly.

A few other things we're hiding, as usual.

Redid the spindash code. Handles the same, but you can spindash where otherwise you couldn't before (moving platforms, etc.)

Did some work on the movement in preparation for THZ2. (No, it is NOT included in the demo).

You can now move around slightly while spinning on the ground.

Grab an extra life every 50k points. Even plays the music and rewards it during the level end tally.

Finished Tails sprite. No more questioning who it is you're throwing rings at in multiplayer when they look like Sonic X-Treme. Yay.

Purple slime now hurts. Ouch. But maybe if you find the right shield...

Hopefully less crashes in Greenflower 2. Also fixed the part where you can get stuck with the current.

Various little tweaks and fixes to make the game run faster and more fun.

AKA's Diving Multiplayer Mode! Take a long walk off a short pier and pull off some moves to gain points and beat the competition!

Sonic 2 Race. Race against your friends to the exit goal, where you'll find out who got the most rings, boxes, and enemies, plus the best time, to determine who the winner is. Even if you're the last one to the line, but you have the most rings, boxes, and enemies hit, you'll win. Only 60 seconds are given to reach the goal after the first person has gotten there, though...

Demo 2 - March 5th, 2001

Greenflower Zone Acts 1, 2 and 3 and Techno Hill Zone Act 1.

Sonic's sprite is completed! No more 'jerky' frames!

Moving platforms.

Players will now spindash if he is moving very slowly, rather than having a strange spasm if you tell him to spin.

All new title screen sequence and menus.

New cheat codes, including the return of 'The Ultimate Cheat' and Sonikku's love interest! =)

Tails is playable, although his sprite is incomplete.

Armageddon Shield is now activated by jumping in the air and pressing the 'spin' button, rather than double-jumping.

Armageddon Shield automatically detonates if the player is hit.

Dr. Eggman's AI has been toned down a little to make him an easier first boss.

Water currents have been introduced - be careful not to get swept away!

The game's speed has been improved, making it more playable to those with reasonably 'low-spec' machines.

...And some more stuff we're not going to tell you about - we don't want to spoil all the surprises!

Demo 1 - November 13th, 2000

Quite a few improvements. Added Greenflower 1.

Halloween 1.32 - October 31st, 2000

Added a new map by Sonikku.

Christmas 0.96 CD - September 11th, 2000

The latest SRB2 build as of 09/09/2000

CD Audio.

As above, with bonuses such some extra levels and other surprises we're not going to mention. ^_^ The CD version is NOT network play compatible with the internet version, but that doesn't mean you can't try it!

Don't run about too quickly, the old Christmas levels aren't designed to handle Sonic's high speed. The following levels have NOT been "fixed" of this problem:





Secret Level 2

A good way to avoid from going out of the play area is to play as Tails.

If you're interested in different stats, especially if you're making a level, try -debug !

Christmas 0.94 - April 24th, 2000

You can now hit enemies from underneath, and also chop them up with Tails' blades.

Enemies can no longer destroy item boxes.

Powerup timing corrected.

Quicker underwater descent.

Spindash only uses one button. Similar to Sonic Adventure.

Fixed the sploosh bug from items spawning on the ground underwater

The water timer will no longer continue if you are riding out of the water on a fan or spring.

A bug in the 'Very Hard' skill level destroyed EVERYTHING (not just rings) making some levels impossible to complete. This has been fixed now.

The camera can now sometimes detect when it's "stuck" and will reposition itself.

Analog player control. Character moves in the direction the camera is facing. Hold down left or right to walk in a circle. Still needs some work. There is an option to turn this on and off in the Options menu. Analog will not work during multiplayer.

Armageddon shield added. Kills lots of enemies on your screen. Double jump to activate.

Elemental shield added. Protects you from the "elements", i.e. water, lava, and the like.

Now compatible with user characters.

You no longer ricochet off small enemies.

Christmas 0.93 - March 24th, 2000

Temporary invulnerability added if you get hurt now. (Effectively removing one-hit kills even with rings, or Neo-Killing Dead)

Everyone agreed that the 'Useless Options' were useless, so they're finally gone. Hurray.

Lives, see below for what you get on the various skill levels.

Score and time! Just like the Sonic games, and you get a countdown at the end of the level for any remaining rings and time bonus!

Tails! His sprite is incomplete, so we're using the Sonic 3 sprite, but he can fly!

Multiplayer now works. Try network play with a friend!

On 'Cakewalk' skill, falling into a death pit (blackness) will throw you back out.

On 'Very Hard' skill, all the rings have been removed! On top of this, enemies are still faster, smarter and are auto-rebuilt after you destroy them!

We've decided that people preffered the Air Spin Attack to the Homing Spin Attack, so Sonic will now just get a huge speed boost instead.

Other stuff we don't want to tell you about. =)

Many users may have problems starting the game or levels, with the game crashing out on them. But if you do get it to work, you can be nearly guaranteed it will not crash afterwards in that session. v0.95 will fix this problem.

Christmas 0.92 - February 24th, 2000

SIGSEGV is suppressed. Almost. The chances of getting SIGSEGV are about 15%, but it's far better than in SRB2:XMAS original.

Re-enabled menus for those of you who really want the useless options back, I don't know why you all wanted them though. O_o

Those who couldn't launch the program should now have no problems.

A few more secrets & items. If you look hard enough, you might find some new items!

Christmas 0.90 - December 24th, 1999

You can now kill enemies by jumping onto them instead of into them.

The Homing Spin Attack!

Halloween 1.0 - October 31st, 1999

First public SRB2 release.