Sonic Robo Blast 20 Years Ago

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Latest Version

If you're just looking for the latest SRB2 installer as of 20 years ago, check it out here!


You wanted some WADs, you said. We will give you WADs, we decided. Grab them here!


Here are installers for all the SRB2 versions currently released (excluding 0.90, as we don't have that version archived). Also, do be aware, NT users! You CANNOT use SRB2 Halloween 1.0 and Christmas 0.92-0.94 since they only run in a DOS environment, thus requiring DOS (which I doubt you have now!), or Windows 95/98.


How about you gaze upon the artwork of SRB2.. Well, twenty years ago, that is... Oh, right, here you go.

Source Code

So what if I want to get a bit of coding experience? Well, fret not, we have you covered in that regard.