If we were to believe Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney takes place in both: a. December 5th-10th, 2018 b. In the same universe then we can assume the following: (Around 1.2 million years before) - 1,197,982 BC The Azran Civilization goes extinct. Aurora (the only surviving member of her civilization) is trapped in a prison of ice. (Around 85 years before) - 1933 Rufus Aldebaran finds the Relics Treasure and hides it in the Cranscoll Cathedral in Southampton. Aldebaran, Earl Drake Dellendar, and his son, Dylan, are put into suspended animation. (48 years before) - 1970 Inspector Clamp Grosky is born. (Around 47 years before) - 1971 Sophia leaves Folsense while pregnant of Katia's mother. Dropstone is founded by Sophia. (Around 44 to 39 years before) - 1974 to 1979 Hershel (Jean Descole) is born to Leon Bronev and his wife, Rachel. (34 years before) - 1984 Theodore (Layton) is born to Leon Bronev and his wife, Rachel. Randall Ascot, Henry Ledore, Alphonse Dalston, and Angela Ledore are born. (Around 30 years before) - 1988 Bronev and his wife are kidnapped by Targent. Theodore is adopted by Roland and Lucille Layton. His name is changed to Hershel Layton. (Around 29 years before) - 1989 Keelan Makepeace is born. (24 years before) - 1994 Emmy Altava is born. Barton is born. (23 years before) - 1995 Janice Quatlane is born. (20 years before) - 1998 The Laytons move to Stansbury. Hershel Layton attends Kingsbrook Academy. He becomes friends with Randall Ascot, Angela Ledore, and several others. Clive is born. (17 years before) - 2001 Randall and Hershel sneak out and go to the ruins of Akbadain. They trigger a trap and Randall falls in a seemingly endless pit. Eve Belduke is born. (16 years before) - 2002 Espella Cantabella is born. (10 years before) - 2008 Luke Triton is born. (Around 10 years before) - 2008 Hershel Layton goes to Gressenheller University and is taught by Dr. Andrew Schrader. He meets Claire and starts a relationship with her. Justin Lawson is born. Marina Triton is born. (7 years before) - 2011 Hershel Layton finished his education. Eventually, he becomes a professor himself. Janice Quatlane will be one of his students. A time machine experiment goes wrong, with the deaths of Clive's parents and several other people as a result, and it blasts Claire to 10 years in the future. She returns to the moment of the explosion and dies. Inspector Gilbert is shot and killed. Bill Hawks gets a huge amount of money for testing the time machine. Hershel Layton is beaten up for trying to investigate the accident and has to be hospitalized. Nina is born. (6 years before) - 2012 Professor Layton helps after Emmy Altava when she is falsely acused of being a thief. (Around 3 years before) - 2013 Alfendi Layton is born. Hilda Pertinax is born. (Around 6 months before) - Sometime in 2015 Some ancient remains are discovered in Misthallery and an article about that is posted in the London Times. Jean Descole kidnaps Doland Noble and Brenda Triton. He starts terrorizig Misthallery with his "Specter". Melina Whistler dies. (Current time) - Fall 2015? Professor Layton and the Last Specter occurs. (Some months later) - Winter 2015? Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva occurs. (Sometime before a year later) - Late 2015? Randall Ascot meets Jean Descole and they make plans for Randall to take revenge on Henry Ledore. Randall becomes the Masked Gentleman and starts terrorizing Monte d'Or. (A year later) - 2016 Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask occurs. (2 years later) - 2017 Desmond Sycamore finds Aurora in her icy prison in Froenborg. Inspector Chelmey marries Amelie Grosky. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy occurs. (3 years later) - Late May 2018? Professor Layton and the Curious Village occurs. (Days after Curious Village) - Early June 2018? Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box occurs. (At most 6 months after Diabolical Box) - December 5th-10th, 2018 Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney occurs. (Unknown) - 2018 Claire arrives in London from 10 years in the past. Clive finishes work on Future London. (months after Diabolical Box) - Around Christmas 2018 Professor Layton and the Unwound Future occurs. (Around 5 years later) - 2020 Lucy Baker is born. (5 years later) - 2020 Luke saves the just born baby of the dying mother Kamilla Azan from a sinking ship. Luke returns to London with the baby, where Professor Layton states that he will take care of the baby as if she was his own and named her Katrielle Layton. (Around 6 years later) - 2021 Diane Makepeace is born. (7 years later) - 2022 Ernest Greeves is born under the name Miles Richmond. (Unknown time) - Any time between 2022 and 2030 Hershel Layton adopts Alfendi. Luke marries with Marina. Barton becomes Comissioner of Scotland Yard. Aldebaran leaves his coffin in the relics room. (15 years later) - 2030 Katrielle says goodbye to Professor Layton and Luke before they went on a journey to solve the mystery of the Hidden Relics. Professor Layton and Luke are captured by the priest of the Cranscoll Cathedral in Southampton and are put in suspended animation inside coffins of the Relics Room. (16 years later) - 2031 Lord Maximillian Richmond finds a large stash of diamonds and relinquishes them to the Seven Dragons of Longdon. Lord Richmond dies because of illness. (19 years later) - 2034 Miles, under a mistaken belief, swears revenge on the Seven Dragons following the death of his mother and takes the name Ernest Greeves. (22 years later) - 2037 Alfendi Layton gets shot by Keelan Makepeace at Forbodium Castle. Following these events, he develops a Dissociative Identity Disorder. (25 years later) - 2040 Ernest goes on to study at Gressenheller and meets Katrielle when mistakenly accused for stealing a scientific paper. (Unknown time) - 2040 or 2041 Layton Brothers: Mystery Room occurs. (26 years later) - 2041 Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy occurs. Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files occurs.